This action is designed for competition shooters using .22 centerfire and 6mm centerfire.  It is an ideal action for calibers like PPC, BR, Dasher, etc.  Port opening is purposely made small to aid in stiffness.  Cartridges with OAL exceeding 2.800 inches in length cannot be ejected through the port and can only be removed by operating the bolt release and retracting bolt.
  • The LV40 action is similar to the Remington short style, except it is .200" longer and .060" larger in diameter.  The extra length allows a longer barrel tenon, which increases barrel support and rigidity.
  • Please note that the Haverkamp Precision action does not use the detachable recoil lug sandwiched between the action and barrel.  See the illustration for the integral recoil lug locations. We also off a magnum recoil lug (optional for larger calibers).
  • The tenon thread is 1 1/16” – 18 TPI.
  • The port opening is 2.400" long.
  • Weight of the action with trigger hanger is 34 ounces.
  • The receiver bottom is solid (no magazine cutout) and has a flat milled section for added bedding support.
  • A detachable aluminum trigger hanger allows for rapid removal of the trigger for adjusting without removing the barreled action from the stock. (Drop out trigger) uses any Remington style trigger: Jewell, Timney, Basics, etc.
  • Standard price includes deep machined helical fluting of the bolt.
  • The standard clearance between the bolt and the receiver bore is .0015" to .002". If the action is going to be used for a hunting application, you may want the clearance increased to .004" to .005". This will be done upon request at NO additional charge.
  • Stocks inletted for Remington short actions will work with a Haverkamp Precision action with some modification. The actions can be glued in or pillar bedded. Pillar bedding kits with aluminum trigger are available.